The first and most important thing for any successful SEO or SEM campaign is to select keywords which are relevant & also has good traffic as well as competition (why run away from competition lets beat the competition with the right SEO Strategy). Keyword research or keyword selection becomes very complicated if you don’t use a good keyword research tool, which allows you to know the current trends, estimate visitors & suggest better keywords which brings traffic.

Well every SEO/SEM professional has his own ideas, strategy & methods for choosing the right keywords; I am going to review top 20 keyword research tools in this post.

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Google Keyword Tool (Free)

This is my favorite, one of the most used keyword tools & it is also very trusted among SEO/SEM Pros. It gives you all details you need for selecting keywords Like Estimated Ad Position, Estimated Avg. CPC, Advertiser Competition, Approx Search Volume in last month, Approx Avg Search Volume, Search Volume Trends, Highest Volume Occurred In a month & Match Type. Ever since Google has started showing number of searches for the keywords, the value of this tool has increased many folds as now you can yourself calculate the KEI without needing any paid keyword tool.

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool (Free)

This tool is created by Aaron wall of This tool give you lot of information for your keywords. It gives you;

  • WordTracker Keyword suggestion
  • WordTracker Count
  • Google daily estimate
  • Yahoo! daily estimate
  • MSN daily estimate
  • Overall daily estimate
  • Yahoo! Suggest
  • Google Trends
  • Google Traffic Estimates
  • Google Suggest
  • G Sktool KWs
  • Link to AdWords Keyword Tool /G Insights/Quintura /KW Discovery (Paid $89.95 a month/ Free Trial )

KeywordSpy is a paid keyword research tool, packages starts at $89.95 per month. I just used their trial version, it’s really good if you want track your competitors or if you are into PPC & want to find what keywords your competitors are using for their PPC campaigns. Keyword Spy allows you to find & download all the keywords which your competitors are bidding on including the ad copy they are using.

Google Insights (Free)

Google insight is an amazing keyword research tool by Google. Google insights keyword tool allows you to compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, and time frames. It also shows top searches in that region & keywords with rising searches

Go Rank (Free)

Go Rank is a page analysis tool which helps your determine the relevancy of your web pages based on certain keywords. It really helps in analyzing page for keyword density n other factors affecting page

Keyword Tools(Free)

Keyword Extend is not a keyword research tool, but rather a tool that can help you quickly generate the different keyword variations for adwords or PPC campaign such as broad, phrases and exact match. Additional features include reversing words, creating keyword lists with variations, removing duplicate keywords and many others. This tools is free for you to use and can help you save hours of precious time. (Free)

Quintura is a nicely presented visual search engine. It is almost similar to, one thing that separates it from is that instead of showing results in a tree format it shows related as a keyword cloud or similar to the tags which we see in it also shows you related terms when you hover on a keyword. (Free and Paid version)

SpyFu is again a keyword research tool for PPC guys. Just like keywordspy spyfu too shows you what your competitors is doing like ad budget, ad copy, daily budget, organic & paid competitors, with so much information you can easily find the keywords from your organic and paid competitors to use in you PPC campaign for traffic generating. They have two versions a limited free version with an option to upgrade for full membership at about $279 annually.

Good Keywords (Free and Paid version)

Just visit their site & you’ll find 3 different software’s Keyword Pad, Keyword Explorer & SEO Lab Gold for Competition Research. It shows you Misspelled keywords this feature is really useful because more than 10% searched are misspelled. The free version also has very good features such as a keyword organizer, site popularity gauge and a user-friendly keyword research interface.

Traffic Travis (Free and Paid Version)

Traffic Travis is an excellent tool. The free version has almost same features as paid version. Using this you can Analyze page, find keyword positions, find keywords, analyze competitor websites etc…This is a *MUST* download and I am sure you will be thanking me for pointing you to this free resource. ($49.95 per month)

It’s another paid keyword research tool. Keyword Discovery will help you in finding industry related keywords, Keyword Research, misspelled keywords, KEI & Keyword Density Analysis. (Free and Paid Version)

This keyword research tool gives you related keywords with daily estimated search volumes, synonyms. (Free and Paid Version)

WordTracker is one of the most used & oldest keyword tools on the internet. It’s very simple & useful keyword research tool but I noticed that few keywords generated by WordTracker free version is not relevant or of no use. ($297 one-time cost)

Keyword Elite is created by well-known IM marketer Brad Callen. Keyword Elite is actually 5 in 1 keyword tool you can analyze keywords & at the same time spy on your competitors. It is priced at $176 onetime fee. Search online for discount code, you can get it for just $97 .

WordButler (Free trial then $19.95/month)

I haven’t used this tool but some features listed in their site it looks good especially Human Cognition Emulator. You can also export keyword list to your adwords campaign with just one click. They have 2 payment options yearly ($147) & monthly ($19.95) with a free trial.

Nichebot gives you keywords from 3 major search engines. Nichebot can translate keywords in 23 languages & also shows you competition on 3 competition search engines & you can also perform LSI keyword research. It allows you to easily Sort, merge, copy, filter and export data, they also have video tutorial which makes it easy to use.


With Trellian you can know traffic sources of your competitor’s web sites which will help you in identifying good traffic sources. You can find out which sites are responsible for sending traffic to their pages, including search engines and the search keywords used. also trillion has few other tool in it like , keyword manager, keyword suggestion tool, keyword density analyzer, Keyword Explorer, Rank Checker, ROI Calculator & many more

So that’s it for now, will come up soon with one more useful post. Pls comment & spread the word if you found it useful.