We often fail to understand how marketing can be defined; everyday there is a new definition created by different scholars from different school of thoughts.

If anyone had asked me in my early days of marketing training “What exactly is marketing?” I would tell them about the classic and foundational 4 P’s: Product, Place, Price & Promotion. But at SEO5, through diverse experience and hand-on learning, I learned the true essence of marketing…

Marketing for me is THIS:

The moment a consumer has a smile on his or her face, the marketer’s job is done. It is this satisfaction,  this smile, this sense of delight on customer’s face which lets you know whether the product has been marketed successfully or not. It’s the smile on the face of a customer that a company strives for.

We often confuse the term ‘Selling’ with ‘Marketing’, but shed your doubts today – ‘Marketing’ and ‘Selling’ are completely different. Selling is just mere selling of a product – you see what’s available in the market , adjust your necessities as per the availability of goods , purchase the commodity, the company makes profit , you use the commodity. That’s it; the role of the company is over.

Whereas, when we are talking about marketing it’s not just about selling your product, it’s not just about how to increase the numbers in your balance sheet, and it’s not just about quarterly increase in profits. What matters the most to a company is that million dollar smile. What matters the most to the company is building relationships with the customer. Marketing is an effort of the company to make the customer a part of the whole company and process of the company’s growth and development.

Customer satisfaction has become a short end goal for a company. What companies strive for in today’s corporate world is CUSTOMER DELIGHT. If I consume a product that satisfies my needs and wants, that’s customer satisfaction. But that’s not what all companies have in store for the customer. In today’s marketing efforts of the company, they move a step ahead by not only satisfying the needs of the customer but by building a relationship with the customer and making sure that the customer comes back to use the same product. Trends have changed, Gone are the days when companies said “THIS IS WHAT I HAVE, BUY IT” as per the current marketing scene customer says “THIS IS WHAT I WANT, MAKE IT “. Companies no longer have dominance, there is no monopoly. Customers cannot be easily duped. When we are talking about marketing, it’s about selling our product in the most effective and efficient manner, making the commodity available to the customer at the right place at the right time in right quantity. It’s about building long term relationship with the clients & keeping in mind their needs and changing the product accordingly. For a company to market its product successfully, customer should be no less than god. The moment customer loses faith in our product; our company will be in time down to zero, zilch nothing. It’s time that the companies coming up understand the need of customer delight and come out of the phase of just customer satisfaction!