YouTube founders duo, Chad Hurley and Steven Chen, have bought and taken over the popular social bookmarking tool, Delicious from Yahoo! Announced yesterday via press release by AVOS, “the new internet” company run by Hurley and Chen, Delicious will now be part of the AVOS network to build and embellish as a social bookmarking platform.

For those who have heard of Delicious, but aren’t too sure what it really is, Delicious allows users to save, share and discover web bookmarks from a centralized source. For example, if your friends use Delicious, you can send them interesting bookmarks, and vice versa. As you explore the site and find users with similar interests, you can keep track of blogs and links by bookmarking and commenting on them.  Delicious was founded and acquired in 2005 by Yahoo and since then has built a massive and global community of millions of users. AVOS has promised to provide and enhance the “best social bookmarking service” to Delicious members, with bookmarks being “seamlessly transitioned” to AVOS once the integration takes place.

So, what does it mean when the “best social bookmarking services” shakes hands with the creators of the largest online video channel? AVOS has made it their goal to make Delicious more “easier and fun” to manage their “tastiest content” by addressing the World Wide Web problem: Information Overload. It seems hard to wrap your head around, but we won’t completely shut down the possibility from 2 people who made $1.65B from Google.

The Delicious press release by AVOS describes Hurley and Chen as “going back to their roots” to build the world’s “best information discovery on the web”. And it shows that they mean business from the start: AVOS’ website is hiring “a world-class team” to build the giant network immediately.

Delicious will officially bunk with AVOS in approximately July…and we can’t wait to see how they’ll manage the issue of too much information!