Recently Google Adwords made a change to its location targeting Settings. Now, apart from selecting specific Continents, Countries, Cities and Custom regions to display the ad, an advertiser can choose to advertise based on location-specific terms/keywords in their search queries. To give a simple example of the new feature: If an advertiser wishes to promote a Chinese Restaurant in Toronto,

1. He/She would select Toronto from the Location Tab under Campaign Settings

2. Click on Advanced Location Options (located below the languages section of the settings) and select Target using either physical location or search intent.

3. Add in keywords related to his/her services. In this example the keywords will be:

  • Chinese Food
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • General tao Chicken etc….

This advanced location targeting setting allows for the advertisers ad to be displayed to any person searching:

a)      Within Toronto for the keywords mentioned above

b)      Outside Toronto for the keywords mentioned above followed by the location in the search query. Example: Toronto Chinese Food, Chinese Restaurant Toronto etc

Advanced targeting Methods:

Google adwords has included 3 settings to choose from to target specific locations with your campaign:

1. Target using either physical location or search intent: Under this setting, an ad will be displayed within the geographical location set by an advertiser as well as be displayed to any person searching for the keywords chosen by the advertiser followed by the location where the advertiser displays the ad(example Chinese Food TORONTO – Chinese Food being the keyword typed in & Toronto being the location selected by the advertiser). Note that as of now the ad will only be displayed under the search intent functionality if the user searches for the ad from the same country to which the ad is targeted. Hence using the same example, if a person searches for Toronto Chinese Food from New York – he/she will not be shown the ad.

Also, if you choose to select this location setting make sure you do not include locations in your keyword choices as this setting displays the ads automatically for the location long tail.

2Target using only physical location: Under this setting, the ad will only be shown to the location being targeted. This is the same setting that existed before Google Adwords announced the new search intent based targeting.

3. Target using only search intent: Under this setting, the ad will be displayed only if a user types in the keyword followed by the location that an advertiser selects for the ad to be displayed. In simple terms any queries without a long tail location will not display the advertiser’s ad.  The ad does not get displayed to an individual even if they are in the same location of where the advertiser chooses to display the ad.

Note: These advanced location targeting settings are only applicable if one wishes to advertise on Googles Search Network.