Reliable sources confirm that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently been involved in an active internal discussion with Skype in regards to either buying the company or establishing a joint partnership venture.

Even though Facebook seems to be more interested in overtaking Skype for $3 to $4 billion, sources state there is a greater chance of the two companies forming a partnership.

Last year in October, Skype released Skype 5.0 which permitted users to add a Facebook tab in their Skype account, so they can call their Facebook friends, chat with them, or send them an SMS.

Sources also state that prior to Facebook, Google tried to strike a deal with Skype.

A union between Facebook and Skype sounds like a good judgment as both companies can profit from each other’s massive community of online users.

Even though none of the companies have confirmed anything yet, it will be interesting to see who will the first to tie the knot with Skype.