Who here has searched Google Street View in hopes to catch a glimpse of themselves in front of their home or business? Say I – I! Anyone else? Okay, so I’m alone on that one. I’ll try another. Who here has searched Google Street View to find out more about the business they are interested in? Okay, okay, not all at once!

It’s pretty clear Google Street View has provided users an additional tool when researching a business or place you have interest in. Let’s review a variation of a purchase process:

  1. You wish to purchase a product or service.
  2. You find a company of interest.
  3. You want to research their product or services, so you visit their website.
  4. You have interest in their products or services so you research their location.
  5. You wish to visit the storefront and with Google Street View you have a clear picture of what their store looks like.
  6. You’re on your way.

Looking at this process there seems to be nothing missing.

And that is why my name is not Google.

You see, Google is starting to add a new element to this process. Google’s photographers are currently scheduling photo shoots with business owners in select cities in the US, Australia, and Japan in order to add photos of the interior of their business to add to their Google Places page and Google Street View.

Now during the research process, you can view the exterior – and interior – of the business you are interested in.

Google plans to take panoramic photos which will initially appear on the business Google Places page as single shots and over time may be stitched together into a panoramic view.

The types of businesses Google is currently interested in are restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and other storefront businesses. They are currently not photographing legal, medical, or chain establishments.

To apply for an official Google photo shoot of your business, fill out the online Business Photo Shoots application. If you are unable to schedule an official photo shoot of your business immediately, you can always update your Google business listing through Google Places (www.google.com/places).

To learn more about Google Business Photos click here or enjoy the Google-made promotional video below.