Here is the list of all the JOSCAR winners in each category for the year 2011 [as seen on JandBeyond Website]. I am happy that my personal favorite Akeeba backup manager bagged the awards. The magazine site by Joomla showcase Joomla’s power in creating such websites. This conclude another year of celebration and innovation of the newer technologies in Joomla arsenal.

Congratulations Winners!  courtesy: JandBeyond

Community Web Site

Non-Profit Web Sites

Commercial Web Site

Blog Web Site

Extensions for Joomla!


Akeeba Backup Akeeba Backup

Module or Plugin

Advanced Module Manager Advanced Module Manager

Admin Only

Akeeba Backup akeeba backup

Template Framework

Construct construct

Joomla! People

Forum Junkie

Peter Martin – pe7er pe7er

Code Junkie

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
Stian Didriksen Stian Didriksen

Blog Junkie

Brian Teeman brian teeman

Social Media Junkie

Amy Stephen Amy Stephen

Special Awards

Joomla! Innovation of the year

Outstanding personal achievement

Johan Janssens johan