Anyone who works with clients knows that constant communication is the first and the most important step towards a strong client-manager relationship. With this blog post I just wanted to share a few client management tips that I have heard, read and learnt through my experience.

  • Your 1st Date with the client

I truly believe in the saying: “first impression is the last impression”.

-        Learn About your client: Before you meet your client try and learn everything you can about their business. Put yourself in your client’s shoe and jot down all the questions they might have.

-        Explain your process: As every SEO company has different processes explain to them and educate them about your process so that they know what to expect.

-        Make notes: A client likes to think their thoughts, queries and opinions have been paid attention to.

-        Follow up: Always send a follow up email to the client Capturing main points discussed and measures to be taken. This shows the client that you have listened to him and are taking their project seriously.

  • Educate Them

I can’t stress enough on the importance of educating the clients. It is a big part of setting realistic expectations. The 1st thing you need to make them understand is that SEO is not magic. Educate the client about your process (remember every SEO company has different process but the goal is the same). Educating the clients about SEO will make them smarter, and know what to expect, it will help clear their misconceptions and most importantly develop TRUST which will help make your SEO campaign successful.

Remember when the client truly understands how valuable SEO is to their organization,  your job becomes much easier.

  • Show Them the Big Picture

There are thousands of websites out there who want to rank within the top 10 for the very same keywords that your client may want to rank for. All these websites are using SEO services, and some are even paying a whole lot more than your client can even afford. Make them understand that SEO is a slow and a time consuming process. Unlink PPC which is short term SEO is long term and takes time to show results.

Educate them and let them know that they won’t see instant results and to rank on top ranks for high search volume keywords it will take time but once there website starts ranking higher for those keywords they will see what SEO can do for their business.

  • Honesty is the best Policy

Never make commitments to your clients which you cannot live up to. Know your limitations, strengths and commit accordingly. The trick that always works for me is: Under Promise and Over Deliver. Trust me it always works.

Also, always tell your client what you can’t do; you will be surprised to see how much they appreciate your honesty. Just make sure you clarify why certain things are unrealistic, and more importantly, why, how and what you can accomplish that will help grow their business.

Most of these tips are common sense, but unfortunately they are largely ignored in today’s fast-buck world. I do hope that the tips provided will assist you in laying the foundation to a strong client manager relationship.