When you’re searching for something on the Internet, does it matter whether you use the singular or plural version of a word in your search?

For example, let’s say that you are looking for a new pair of salsa shoes to go dancing, and you want to find the best salsa shoes for dancing. Does it make a difference in search results when you type in salsa shoes or salsa shoe in a search box?

Is Google performing queries for both the singular and plural versions, and showing a mix of the most relevant results? Is it looking at singular and plural versions of all words in a query (salsa shoe, salsa shoes)

I performed a search on Google with the singular and plural versions of salsa shoe, and also two searches for the same terms with quotation marks around them, which the advanced search pages at Google tells us should return matches for the exact phrase searched for by the search engines.

Salsa shoes search on Google

Salsa shoe search on Google

Search Results with Quotation Marks

Using the quotation marks provides an “exact” search result on Google. Without the quotation marks, the result showed mix results but the vast majority of search results seem to focus upon returning results for the plural version of the word, instead of the singular version. Therefore it seems like Google is looking at both singular and plural versions of a query term when someone enters one or the other.