Infographic or “information graphic” is a visual representation of data or information. Infographic’s are changing the way people not only see data but are able to comprehend it more quickly. The help to communicate complex ideas in a beautiful clear way. As a collaboration of nerd meets artist, infographics are created to express a new way of seeing the world of data.

Looking at pie charts and bar graphs is one way to display information, but let’s look at how an infographic, in some ways simplifies even the most boring statistics:

Within a few glances, the topic is clear (Educating the workforce); the percentages are large to emphasize the objective they’re presenting. It also displays by figures, how prepared students are, on average, for their future careers. In this case, the information is pretty easy to understand even if you were presented in regular format. Though, it’s not always statistics and surveys that benefit from infogaphics.  Take the movie Inception by Christopher Nolan. It is a complex film about sub-levels of consciousness and the situations that evolve as a result in each level. Recently, an online contest hosted by Co Design, asked for the best representation of the film through an infographic. Here is the winning entry:

The information still may not be 100% clear, but this is a unique way to depict all the levels each character in the film are constantly dropping in and out of and serves as a guide to the plot development of the movie.

The team behind the creation of is the partnership between Stewart Langille and Lee Sherman. Branching out from the’s platform of managing money, was created to showcase its powerful visual representations of economic trends and therein initiated the beginning of financial infographics. From there, they conceived an idea of being able to offer this service to produce clients with data visualizations.

Not a designer? Not a problem offers a way for non-designers to create these powerful visualizations without expensive software and extensive design skills. By plugging in your data and graphics, you’ll be able to create infographics for all of your projects through the expertise of a reporting and editing team, skilled designers and a data warehouse. Additionally, if you are a designer, you’re portfolio exposes you to hundreds of monthly visitors with the ability to track how successful your content is within the community.

Infographics are a serious and growing business. Companies are starting to use these data visualizations to enhance their viral marketing initiatives but end up paying a hefty fee for them. is targeting that market by usng the opportunity to provide this service to their business professionals for a monthly retainer fee. is working its way to become the world’s largest community for exploring, sharing, creating, and promoting data visualizations.