What would happen if I told you that you would be able listen to music at any time from your computer, mobile device and home audio center? What if I also told you that there are no downloads involved and it won’t take up extra room on your hard drive? I think then, I would be letting you on to a service that will provide you with all this at no cost. Too good to be true? Let’s explore, shall we.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is introducing a new way to listen to music. You can search it, by any regular parameters like song, artist, or album and then create playlists based on your selection.  The interface looks quite similar to iTunes and works as an application you have to download and install on your computer. You can drag and drop your selections, and share music online with friends via Facebook. With a library of over 15 million songs, you’re certain that there is something for everyone’s taste.  Playlists and the creation of music libraries are the norm, but let’s explore some new features that distinguish Spotify’s service.

Offline Mode

So remember when I said this was all free? Well, it is. And it isn’t. With premium service always comes some type of cost. Being able to listen to your playlists without an Internet connection is one of those perks. For around the cost of one album a month, you get unlimited music, no advertisements, access to new songs before they’re released and a chance to win tickets to live shows and big name competitions. Premium users can wirelessly sync all their favourite Spotify playlists to their phones and listen Offline. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Another cool perk is with the premium account you can stream music through your home audio system so you can make those daily house chores a tad more entertaining by blasting your tunes from the kitchen, basement or bedroom. Your neighbours may not like you, but that’s a different story.

Social Media

Facebook Newsfeeds and Twitter’s streams are continuously broadcasting your latest move. Why not be able to send your friend a link with a new track to the hippest band or a golden oldie that was played before you were born. Either way, you can share anything with anybody in your social circles by sending them a link to your playlist or to one particular song or by tweeting your song selection. Once your friends click on the link, live music will automatically start playing without the need for your friends to have the software installed on their own computers.


Get the “Behind the Music” appreciation for all musicians by using the Biographies feature to gain insight on artists’ unique musical styles, influences, and recording history. In collaborating with the All Music Guide, Spotify brings you one of the most comprehensive music references source on the planet.

Artist Radio

Whether you like the calm, trance-like vibe that emits from a jazz tune or want to rock out hardcore with heavy metal, Spotify aligns the music you like with similar artists in that genre. Regardless if they’re musicians or bands you know or not, Artist radio settle’s you into your ultimate listening groove.

Currently waiting on licensing agreements, Spotify is not available in Canada but is limited to the US and some parts of Europe and South America. In time, the potential of streaming music on and offline will not only satisfy the “on the go” commuters but enable every household to have access to a massive musical index.  As of September 2010, 1 million of the 10 million users are paying members