QR (Quick-Response) codes are changing the way your average entrepreneur promotes a product, website or cutting edge brand. The increasingly popular bar code is making its way around traditional marketing campaigns and is proving to be an accurate tool in assessing target audiences. The best part, there is no cost to make one and what makes businesses more happier than the ability to drive more traffic without any investment.

QR Codes and how they work

QR codes are a kind of two-dimensional matrix barcode that need special QR barcode readers, found mostly by your average smartphone. Simply put, if this bar code is on a flyer, website, or business card, users will be able to go directly to a URL that you have set up. If you want people to sign up to your monthly newsletter or view a testimonial based video on why you should donate blood, you are able to target your objectives more precisely.

Benefits of QR codes

Brand Activation

This no cost marketing tool can be tailored to whatever campaign they’re running. Upon scanning the code the user goes directly to where you want them to go. QR codes give instant access to information that you need.

If someone takes the time to engage with your Ad and scan a code, they are more likely to seek out what you’re promoting instead of crumpling a flyer that was handed to them. Maybe a restaurant could offer a special discount for those who scanned in and read what the days discount code is. The options are limitless to the degree of what these black and white squares can do for your company.

Elimination of Re-prints

Save on unnecessary printing costs when you want to modify a promotion, change contact details or remove an image. All you change is the link and the mobile page that the QR code is directing to and Voila, revised content at no cost.


End the frustration of misspelled URL’s or attempting to Google Search the name of that great restaurant you had brunch at the other day. Scanning a QR code on the menu will not only send you a link to the restaurant but also give you the opportunity to save that information on your mobile device? The easier you make things for people, the better results will be. Ability to drive traffic without having to remember a specific URL will keep businesses current and keep Internet savvy people happy.


When handing out brochures or flyers, businesses rarely know the full impact of their marketing materials. Web services are making it easier and cheaper for people to create and track QR code marketing campaigns. Gaining a concrete result from a particular campaign can add value to analyzing your marketing strategy. These specific results will guide you to successful future projects.


Couples have arguments over how their significant other is married to their mobile device. While that may be a buzz kill for relationships, it reinforces the fact that you carry your life with you every day. Your schedule and thousands of Apps help you do just about everything and it perpetuates the need to share your findings with your friends. Creating QR codes that are linked to profiles on social networks like Facebook to or Twitter is just another way to share your content.

Instant information

Looking up additional information on a product is usually something you put on your to do list.  Displaying codes on product labels is another way for the consumer to get that same information without leaving the store. You may sell your house faster with a code on your for sale sign for people to access all the required details about the property. Immediate information right at your fingertips helps make that decision to buy that house, a little bit quicker than waiting to contact the Real Estate Agent. You see where this is going right?

The Flip Side

While we’re high-fiving all these new ways to get people to be engaged with you and your business, it’s not all party hats and streamers. Not everyone has a smartphone, the pricey investment may be great for internet-savvy people but for older people who are content with obtaining information the old fashion way, it’s a waste of time and money.  QR codes don’t always work for every campaign, so you still need to know your audience and decide whether this will get you to your objective. Lastly, making sure your website is mobile-friendly is key to making the entire process run smoothly. So although they are easy to generate and place on a webpage, investing extra time to configure your site is mandatory and businesses may incur additional cost from whomever created their website.

Custom QR codes are now beginning to emerge whereby brands are able to add their logos and designs with the traditional QR code. As an essential branding element, you can see the potential of what these codes can do for your business. As with any technology, time will allow even help the most stubborn consumers to eventually move forward. QR codes allow consumers to interact and engage with your brand using a very personal device of which they have with them at nearly all times. Achieving maximum benefits from using these codes is only limited by the creativity of the individual or business.