Throughout the years, millions of people have taken that step to self-authoring by either creating a blog or contributing to one. The idea is that you want to engage people to be interested about what you have to say. Authors, whether they have been successfully published before or are trying to earn a living as a stay at home mom, are discovering that in order to grow the success of your blog, you need to network. Many bloggers are very popular within the blogging community and have and established following, but they too, had to start somewhere. Taking the time to be the “author of the day” on someone else’s blog is one way to do that. Thus, Guest Blogging is born and now Ann Smarty has created a community that would give writers a chance to find guest blogging opportunities.

My Blog Guest

Having your own blog is exciting at first. Just like taking a car out for a test drive, you often are busy figuring out how to work all the bells and whistles. For bloggers this may be in the form of figuring out how to navigate through the content management system they’ve chosen. There does come a time, though, where good content is hard to find. In order to fill in that gap bloggers enlist the help of their fellow online friends to write a post for them. Ann Smarty has created My Blog Guest as a forum for networking with other guest blog owners.

How it all works

Essentially, My Blog Guest is a community of bloggers who not only want to produce and publish high quality content but also are seeking the same in return. Setting up a profile is fairly simple and rates your current social media status using your twitter, stumbleupon, and Digg profiles. This ranking system works much like having great skills on your resume. The more powerful you and your blog are, the more chance others will want you to write a post for them.  However, as long as you can provide original content, you still have a good chance. In your profile, information about your blogging experience, expertise or topics that you cover on a continual basis will assist others in the community to see if you’re the right fit for their blog. What about Newbies? You don’t need to have a blog in order to be a guest blogger. Some find it pleasing to be able to write for others without the hassle of setting up their own blog.

The Relationship

The concept is very straightforward. As an author, you provide content to a blogger.  The blogger then decides if it is a fit for his/her site and then publishes the post to their site. A unique way of establishing this communication seamlessly is by linking your WordPress login data with you’re My Blog Guest account.  The author then uploads the content right to your WordPress account as a draft so that when you do decide to publish it, all the formatting is done—pretty neat. The author and blogger may also arrange for the author to share and the post on their own site and potentially drive more traffic to the bloggers site. The author gets exposure on the bloggers site, and the blogger receives great content for free. The only stipulations for this agreement is that the author provides unique and un-published content while the blogger needs to discuss any edits to the post with the author before doing them.

My Blog Guest is one of many guest blogging sites out there. The benefit of making guest blogging a habit is the potential to use an already established blog that has a large reader-base, good search engine ranking and some of them incorporate the ability to make money using AdSense.  Each site that allows guest blogging has it’s on set of rules and regulations for submitting posts and do a good   job in communicating to you what to expect in return. Listed below are a few that want to do all the hard work for you and all you do is write.

Guest Blogging Sites

Whether you are a novice writer or a seasoned veteran of the online writing movement, blogging is a trend that will stick around for the long haul. From following your dangerous adventures of backpacking through Europe to finding a service that can design a website for you, blogs act as a vehicle of self-representation. Blogger’s are now reaping the benefits of increased exposure to increased traffic, back links and site recognition. Provided you play by the rules, Guest blogging opens up a limitless world of options to showcase your writing talents. Join the thousands of bloggers and authors out there that are creating good content while expressing individuality at the same time.