Google provides new Place pages to Emphasize Reviews

Google has changed the appearance of Place Pages for local businesses and searchers. This “new” look, swaps the order of Google and third party reviews. The Google reviews will be displayed first with new “Write a review” red buttons on the top and bottom of the reviews. Third party links will now be at the bottom of the page. The type of business will reflect other buttons, for instance, Book Now for hotels and motels. Google has changed the way citations and snippets will interact with the new Place Pages. Snippets of reviews from third parties that used to be at the top of the page are not completely removed. Citations from other web pages that referenced the business are also being removed and are projected to have a huge impact on local SEO

$9 Billion in Revenue for Google in Q2

Google has had astounding 2nd Quarter results in 2011. Here are the impressive digits.

With predictions of over 10 million people on Google+, Larry Page is confidant will continue to have great numbers on all their services.  The CEO of Google also reports that with $39 Billion in cash, Google was able to employee 28,768 Full time employees.

Bing has reached an All-Time High Market Share

The latest comScore figures report that Bing has gained high market share in both core search and explicit search. However, those values have not impacted Google’s share as they’ve maintained their leadership in explicit search and more gains for core search.

Here are the June 2011 results for both Explicit and Core Search

Google – 65.5%, 64.5%

Yahoo – 15.9%, 17.5%

Bing – 14.4%, 14.1%

Although Google still dominates the market share, their statistics show only marginal increases from the previous month. Bing along with Yahoo is no at 30.2% combined up from 30% in May. Bing has hit their all-time high for Explicit search with 14.4%.  Search activity is up overall with 16.7 billion explicit searches and 18.7 billion core searches.

Google+ Brand Pages and Games Feature

Google+ has had an overwhelming response to doing a test of business profiles for those who would be interested in it.  As a result they hope to have business profiles available to everyone earlier than anticipated. They are still suggesting to business that they hold off on creating business profiles so that they can continue to have good relationships with their clients without any disruption to their profile. There is also talk that Games will also be an added feature to Google+ in a form of a Games stream, which would alleviate game updates in regular newsfeeds. Game developers may be tempted by Google+’s claim to take a 30 percent cut of the revenues, breaking the industry standard created by Facebook and Apple. By hosting the games Google servers you’ll see faster game play, fewer bugs and shorter loading times.

Google fattening up Google+ with the purchase of Fringe

Fringe, offers simple and personal networks that can be created by anyone who wants to share photos, messages and events with specific groups. Striking a resemblance to the circles idea in Google+, where you share only with whom you want instead of all your friends, Google+ has made this connection permanent by acquiring the social media firm Fringe.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed in the announcement.

Credit Cards being offered to AdWords users by Google

Google plans to offer a credit card that will be issued by MasterCard with a low interest rate to AdWords advertisers. The card will not have an annual fee but will only be able to purchase AdWords ads with it. The idea is to help businesses be able to vamp up their campaigns when they really need to instead of missing important holidays due to lack of funds. Details of whom the card will be offered are unknown but they claim to have different credit limits for each cardholder. Invitations to use this card will be sent out shortly as  a “ beta test”.

Twitter to close Funding of $800M Round at an evaluation of $8 Billion

Twitter is in works to complete an $800 million funding round that would put the value of the company at $8 billion.  The plan is to use the firs t $400 million to go toward the company itself and the other $400 million to cash out some of the companies earliest employees and investors. The deal is to be expected to close in the next two weeks with Twitter’s valuation being doubled from it’s $200 million round in January 2011.