Google+ Now offers Games

It didn’t take too long before this feature manifested itself onto Google+ profiles in a quest to steer all non-tech savvy people away from Facebook. An extra icon at the far right of your profile is the new game icon available to all Google+ users.

Included in the game page will be game-related updates, ability to invite other people from your circles to play and a collection of your game accomplishments.Users who are not a fan of that particular page have the option to not have is displayed on their profile. There are 16 games available including the ever popular Angry Birds and Bejeweled.

“.Whatever” Domain Plans opposed by IAB

The Internet Advising Bureau announced that it was against proposed domain names like .facebook , .coke and .cnn.  In addition to the dozen or so top-level generic domains like .com,, the Bureau believes that it would offer cyber hacks to harm a brand’s integrity and profit from bad domain registrations. The Association of National Advertisers also joins the IAB in stating publicly that they are also opposed to the plan unveiled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Shares for RIM and Nokia Spike after Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility

Motorola Mobility shares show a significant increase of 58% after Google’s announcement of that it would pay $40/share in cash for the mobile company. People are also thinking that Google-Motorola deal may prompt further consideration of mobile market as Nokia and RIM shares also show a positive increase.

Facebook Launching Feature That Shows Old Status updates From 2009/2010

The largest social networking site on the market has decided to take a trip down memory lane. Facebook has introduced a feature displayed in the right hand column above the advertising fields titled “ On This Day” so you can retrieve your status from 1-2 years ago. The feature that was rolled out on August 11 for limited testing is seeing more users noticing it usually by going through their older photo albums. Whether is has a purpose or is a just a cool tool, Facebook is maximizing it’s user engagement with different applications such as this.

Yahoo Switching Over to Bing Organic Results

The organic search on Yahoo UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy will be switching over to Bing powered results this week. It will not transition over to paid search ads, as those will remain as is. To prepare, Yahoo says to review the Bing Webmaster tools and optimize your site for Bing crawler to ensure your site is properly listed in both Yahoo! And Bing organic search results.