Normally, re-branding a logo is unheard of in many companies. It only happens if the company is changing their direction or trying to re-invent themselves under a different name or logo. Google has been more lenient about this type of modification. Google Doodles have been appearing for longer than you think and yet nobody will know it by name. However, there is no denying that you have opened up your web browser to and seen a doodle. Today this is what is broadcasted on the Google homepage

Oh right! You might be saying right now, of course I’ve seen it! Creatively, the altering of the official Google logo commemorates anniversaries, discoveries, and statutory holidays and even pop culture. The sensations were created in 1998 when Google decided to play with the logo because they were attending the Burning Man festival in Nevada. This creation was made to indicate humorously to Google users that the founders, Larry and Sergey were out of the office:

After this, they then appointed their intern Webmaster to do produce a doodle for Bastille Day. As a result, Dennis Hwang became the chief doodler and they started appearing regularly on the Google home page. The doodle team now, has created over 300 doodles in the U.S and over 700 have been created internationally. You can submit your own Google doodle as a Fan logo to Google as the team receives ongoing requests for Doodles.  Here is a collection of some doodles throughout the years that catch my fancy:

January 2001 – Happy New Year

Aug 2004 – Athens Olympic Games – Synchronized Swimming

Oct 2004 – Happy Halloween

Feb 2006 – Torino Olympic Games

Nov 2008- Rene Magritte’s 110th Birthday

May 2010 – Pac Man 30th Anniversary

* This doodle is especially unique as the recreation of Pac-man was not only visual, but you could play it on that day.*

April 16th 2011 122nd Birthday of Charlie Chaplin

*Google’s first Video Doodle appears to honor Charlie Chaplin*

Doodle 4 Google

Doodle 4 Google is a competition for Google invites K-12 students of the US to use their talents and redesign Google’s homepage for millions to see. The theme was “ What I’d like to do someday..”. This is the fourth year that Google is hosting this competition. Parents can now register their kids directly in the contest and send in their submission. The judges are not all Google admins but also include known actors, celebrities and athletes. The prizes for winning are not too shabby as well. Up for grabs, a $15,000 college scholarship, Laptop computer, and trip to New York for the event and of course the prestige of the winning doodle on the homepage.  Here’s last year’s winner Makenzie Melton, a third grader from El Dorado with her concerns about the rainforest:

From a quirky idea to give this worldly branded logo a little kick produced from one Webmaster to a team of talented designers that have created over 1000 Google Doodles. While it is a fun way to recognize historic events and holidays it also illustrates the innovative personality of the company itself.