I can’t tell you how many times I write something on a post it, scrap piece of paper, back of an envelope or my Gas bill because I need to get it down before I forget it. This scatterbrain activity is evident in multiple places throughout the house so it’s obvious I need to get it under control. Since everything is going mobile today, there are a tremendous amount of online software tools to aid in your mission to not forget to pick up the dry cleaning on your way home. One such tool is called Remember the Milk. Yes, that is the actual name and what brought me to delve in further to see what it was all about.

Remember the Milk (RTM) created by an Australian company (Remember the Milk Pty Ltd) that was founded by two people and one stuffed monkey. I’m still looking into more information about the stuffed monkey part; we’ll get back to that later.  RTM is a task and time management tool that allows users to manage tasks from a computer as well as offline. It can be found on mobile devices, web desktop application, iProducts including iPhone, iTouch, iPad, a Gmail gadget for users who have Gmail accounts and many more. This widespread application makes synching your everyday tasks accessible from the very products your own and use on a daily basis.


Just by taking a look a screenshots for both iPad and iPhone devices you can see that you’re able to add and complete tasks on the go.  Though his feature is part of the premium package available for $25/year, you may feel it is worth the investment if you have these precious toys already. Organize by priorities, due dates, repeating lists and create tags as a subject to your task or errand.  Sync your RTM online so you can back up your task and notes and can access them from any web browser.  It will also notify you when the tasks you set up are due by the medium of your choice like email, text or instant message.

Basic Setup

When you sign up you are shown four lists to put tasks in: Work, Personal, Inbox and Sent.  Inbox are tasks that after you set them up are emailed to yourself before you can categorize them and Sent is for task delegated to other RTM users. Other Tabs like Study, Work and Personal allow you to categorize tasks and assign priorities to them, due dates under the “More Actions” tab

When a task is complete or if you want to postpone or change the due date, those buttons are also listed along side the “More Actions” tab.  Adding a task is easily completed by filling out the first clear bar under the menu tabs with your specific task. Under the Settings tab you can manage, delete, add and archive your lists:

Daily and due time reminders are also easily set under the Settings tab. Receive a reminder on the day the task is due, as well as before the task is due.

When you sign up are given a unique email address that when emails are sent to this particular address they are automatically converted into tasks and appear in your inbox. This is especially convenient to send a reminder to yourself using your regular email application (like Gmail, yahoo outlook), which most people can access on their mobile devices instead of logging into the RTD account itself.

RTM has also integrated itself with the popular micro-blogging service Twitter that allows you to update in 140 characters or less. You’ll need a Twitter account and add RTM as a friend on Twitter.  You then can send reminders using RTM’s twitter account that will go directly to your inbox through direct messages.

Listed favourably among many published articles about online task management tools, Remember the Milk has scored top points with its over 2 million registered users as of July 2011.  This is not to say that carrying around a notebook and a pen has lost it’s merit on the traditional ways to transcribe things that you want to remember, but the ever eco-friendly trend of receiving your bills online is propelling a paperless movement and RTM right on track.  Getting reminders using multiple platforms that you are already engaging in makes RTM an efficient addition instead of an overwhelming mission to get your life, family and work organized.