Whether you’re starting up a new site and doing research for a new website you want to get information that will put you on the path to effective site optimization. SEM Rush uses the first 20 Google search results on over 40 million keywords. Search Engine Optimizers and Internet Marketing managers use the service every day. The search bar at the top of the page enables you to search by domain, keyword or URL. Each of these searches produces specific data relating to those components needed to put your business ahead of your competitors. With advanced keyword related searches and the ability to view Google rankings for the competition, you are well on your way into discovering pertinent data for your website.

How SEMrush Works

Once you put in your keyword a report is generated telling you what sites are using that particular keyword and how it ranks in the Google Top 20 Search results. This data can be exported into 3 different file formats of which you can then choose to sort it however you want to get the information you’re looking for. Digging further into the keyword research, you can access phrases related to your keyword and see what keywords your competitors are using. Although this detailed information is all provided for you with a few simple clicks, they don’t offer any valid solutions or recommendations to overcome your competitor—perhaps that is your job

Here’s an example of a basic search for the term “Lamps”

Here’s a snapshot of the organic results which provides the most popular sites and URL’s that contain the keyword “ Lamps”

A selection of AdWords containing your original keyword plus the beauty of seeing a text version of the ads for each site listed.

Now, type in the most popular site from your first search “ Lampsplus.com” into the search bar to see what keywords they’re using and how successful their AdWords campaigns are:

Here you see the keywords, Google ranking, Cost per clicks, Traffic and trends for that keyword. By selecting from the left hand column you can see your competitors in a regular Google search

Analyze your competitors

You can find your local competitors by entering the URL in question or from the results of your keyword search. This chart is from the keyword search “ lamps”

The list of the competitors is populated along with their common keywords and AdWords they used. By clicking on any of these details, you will gain further insight on how your website stands up to the lead competitor. This targeted information is invaluable when assessing the results and guiding you towards getting your website fully optimized.

There is no cost to create an account, however SEMrush has a monthly fee of $69.95 to get up to 10,000 results per domain and all types of reports including organic and AdWords. There are also detailed information of price plans for researchers, agencies and regular users. Also listed on the site is a detailed Glossary of words pertaining to all the reports so you can better understand the results of each search.

SEMrush is a Search Engine Marketing tool that is used by webmasters, bloggers and Internet marketers. Their initiative is simply to help you get you the right information so that you can make your website more famous or gain more traffic.  It helps to collect a list of the best keywords for optimization; to know what keywords does your competitor (target customer) use for their optimization and Adwords and to simply gather a range of related keywords. Knowing where look to increase your Google rankings by doing a little snooping around with SEMrush.