Let’s face it, nobody likes to do it (update Resumes) and the mere mention of “ you should update your resume” floods you with waves of anxiety.  Perhaps you got your current job through a friend and haven’t done a real resume in years, or you think that you’re job is safe and you won’t need it. Wrong. The fact is, (and I’ve learned this the hard way); your resume should always be ready for action. What does this mean? Regardless of your current employment status, situations can arise where you may be working in your cubicle one day and filling out unemployment forms the next.  The traditional text resume is still employed by most but to really sink your teeth into the competition; you need to embark on creating a strong online presence that reflects why employers must choose you for the job.  Here are some of the new ways in which your standard resume may become obsolete.

Personal Website

One of the easiest ways to redirect employers easily is to drop a link to your website. You don’t have to be a web designer to set up a site as there are countless websites out there created by content management systems like WordPress or Blogger, or portfolio oriented sites for all types of creatives to explore. Having a website named after yourself , www.johnsmith.com , will help direct employers to what you want them to see when they do an online search to scout out possible candidates. 45% of employers view potential candidates online, and 24% said they made their decision to hire after reviewing a social media profile. Your website doesn’t have to be complicated as long as there is a general “ about me “ and “Contact” page along with your resume, you’re good to go. Here are a few good examples:

Here’s a good example where all the employment history, skills and education are previewed within one page instead of two and the most important element of knowing where to contact this individual is the first thing you see across the top of the page.

A slightly different style that is personalized with a photo to accompany the all the pertinent information with options outlined at the top to download, print and email “John Doe”. If you’re stuck for a design concept, check out Themeforest as they have thousands of website templates to choose from that won’t empty your pockets.

Video Resumes

Putting together a creative and engaging resume on YouTube is one way people are can complement a traditional resume. It enables Job seekers to showcase their personality along with demonstrating their creative skills.  In this example, Chad Boone who has a multitude of experience alongside with an extensive skill set in marketing, web and graphic design, video production and photography illustrates the benefits of hiring him:

Now this is definitely something that is not your traditional cover letter and resume package, and it is the precise reason why this video has over 829 views to date.


The one online profile that you should invest the most amounts of your time and efforts is LinkedIn. It has become the standard online professional network that employers first take a look at.  You want your profile to be flawless and represent the most current relevant information about your job history and current position.  You start by filling out the basic details and have the option to ask for meaningful recommendations from your colleagues that will be displayed on your profile page. With over 85 million members in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is a network that is worth optimizing. Engaging with your followers, much like Facebook or Twitter, by sharing an article of interest or perhaps a link to a recent website you’ve created, can be executed by creating status updates to show activity within your profile. It’s a nice way to start a conversation, as people will comment or maybe pose questions about the content you’re sharing.

LinkedIn also has an Application Directory that enables you to add interactive apps to beef up your profile. From slideshow presentations to incorporating your WordPress Blog or displaying your latest tweets will give visitors to your profile a better idea of who you are as a person and as a possible job candidate.

Document-Sharing Websites

Since you likely have a pdf or doc version of your resume on file, Slide Share and Scribd are two websites that allow you to upload it right to their sites. Both sites allow viewers to download, embed or share your resume. This is a great opportunity to get as many people as possible to view it. These sites also appear near the top of search inquiries for an individual so the next time your name is “Googled”, your site will be right there for them to see it.  You can modify details of your resume and be assured that your URL of your created page will not change.  Here’s a great example of resume created in SlideShare that also encompasses the candidate’s social media activities:

The left side bar allows visitors the unique opportunity to share, tweet on all social media platforms.

Today’s job seekers are being more creative then ever and are delivering their personal and professional histories in exciting new ways. You still have to target your resume for each job as a uniquely crafted project to avoid being viewed as generic and repetitive. Employers are continuously profiling candidates through search engines and social networks. It is more important than ever to makes sure what you have on these profiles won’t deter potential employers. Don’t throw away your traditional perfectly formatted resumes just yet but allow yourself the room to explore the innovative ways to market the best product you have—YOU.