Every once in a while I log into my Facebook account and notice things have been moved around. Continued improvements tailoring your profile, friend’s list and newsfeed are the major areas where we see these changes occur. It lets us know that there is something interesting happening at Facebook headquarters with the user experience being top priority. Here is a collection of the newest changes:

Smart Lists

Perhaps they adapted this from Google+ or maybe they always intended to do it, nobody knows, but you will see upon logging in that your friends are distributed into specific lists. Displayed on the left side of the newsfeed page, you’ll that you are now able to place your friends into the appropriate categories of how they relate to you on a more personal level. Facebook is automating lists based upon the user’s attributes. The main categories include Work, School, Family and City.

You can see that on my page I now have Friends, Family, my employer and the city of Toronto. The categories split up your friends list by location initially, grabbing those friends who have listed a similar city as their hometown. Facebook prompts up other categories so that you can place your friends in the appropriate list. The number beside each classification reflects the amount of new updates from that particular smart list. As you accept or send new friend requests, Facebook will try and help you put the new additions to the appropriate lists.

The top bar has also seen some significant changes. Under the  “Home” Menu, you will now see another drop down menu to manage your smart lists. At any point, you may wish to add/remove friends, rename the list and choose what status types you want to view. Once you click on of your lists, it becomes the header of your newsfeed page.


All of your newsfeed is now into one place instead of having the option to select “ Top Stories” or “ Most Recent”. They have now combined these categories so you get all the newsfeed in one single view. Depending on how often you check Facebook, there will always be new updates. If you haven’t checked in a while you will see the top photo’s and status updates. Photos appear much larger than previously and I’m guessing that’s just another way to simplify how you scroll through the newsfeed. If you’re on it all the time, you will see the most recent stories first. Small blue triangles also appear on the left top hand corner of each story with an option for you to “mark” it, by selecting the blue triangle, as a top story or not. This ensures that you’ll be seeing the updates you want to see most.

As you log into your account Facebook will alert you to the new changes and where they appear on your page.  This visual detail is significant into alerting you to the new ways in which you can make the information you want to view more customizable than ever.

Another new little gizmo is a live newsfeed that appears on the right hand column of your Homepage. You can mouse over each post and get a snapshot of what it is instead of having to click on the actual post and leave your current window to see the information.

While everyone goes into a complete panic state each time Facebook decides to make changes, inevitably you get used to it. You will likely see in people’s status how much they dislike the changes, but that usually lasts only for a day or so. Let’s not knock down all the hard work that goes into trying to enhance the user experience just because we’re not used to it. Facebook is working continuously to be the front- runner in social media profiles and with that there is always change, so we better get used to it.