In a world that is paced by technology and convenience, it is no wonder that new Apps and software programs are launched almost daily. Google is no exception to this rule, as they have secured their spot in introducing several new products already this year. Google Wallet is a new method of payment that with one single tap secures your purchase for the day without having to reach into your purse or back pocket.

Google Wallet is an App that makes your phone your wallet by storing virtual versions of your existing plastic cards. It also is on board to support loyalty cards, gift cards and coupons so you’re not emptying your wallet at the register to search for the right cards for your purchase. For now, it is only compatible with the Nexus S 4G by Google, supported by Sprint.  The technology that enables all this voodoo purchase magic is NFC. NFC is a wireless technology that supports data transmissions between two objects when they are in close proximity to each other.

In terms of payment, Google supports two kinds of credit cards for the time being. Citi PayPass eligible MasterCard and the Google Prepaid cards.  You can link up your debit account to load up your Google prepaid card for utmost convenience. You won’t get a physical receipt for now but will be able to view your transaction history through the App’s features. Since Google only releases the app to the Nexus s 4G phones, it is a free, however they plan to expand their support to more smartphones in the future.