As each new release from Windows emerges, we are seeing an advanced technology that has ramped up a regular PC to an interactive working surface made for today’s savvy media enthusiasts. Windows 8 is a blend of desktop, laptop and tablet operating system with touch screen abilities that seem to be the overwhelming trend these days.

Their live tile interface shows a variety of ways to work within the Apps but also have access to the Window’s desktop. The tile design was important to show the personality of the app instead of just an icon so you can get a snapshot of the information you need, like checking on the weather, without having to open the app itself.  Live and lock screens replace the standard Start menu option that we’re used to with the ability to display or tuck away what you want hidden based upon your preferences. Once the apps are launched, you can physically drag them around the screen, or use your mouse, but let’s face it—the first option is more fun! This also works well if you work in dual monitors. You can have your Start screen on one and your desktop on the other that keeps the two interfaces separate. In addition, you can drag a different tile to the screen from the left side as you’re viewing a video, for example, to allow you to multi-task without disrupting or having to pause the other application.

Fast and fluid are the keywords for how Windows 8 has vastly improved from its previous versions. Boot up time has also improved with the entire process taking and average of 10 seconds depending on the model of your PC.  No specific date has been verified for it’s launch, but it is projected to be available in 2012.