Businesses use Google AdWords with their sites to engage viewers and hopes of gaining profit from subsequently clicking on the Ads that appear on their site. As you manage your keywords a new feature has been launched called Google Remarketing. Located in your AdWords account, this new tab enables you to show ads to people who’ve shown interest in a particular section of your site. Matching the right message to the right people can significantly establish higher overall conversions on your site. Creating Audience lists helps funnel information you want to monitor to create successful Ad campaigns. Adding tags to your homepage or other key pages on your site will help your audience see those Ads they would most likely be interested in.

How it all happens

Using your Google AdWords account, you’ll be able to manage more specific criteria that apply to your site in addition to the more traditional keywords based on Google Search.For instance, if you’re an online clothing retailer and people have shown interest in purchasing scarves. You can show scarf ads to those who have visited the scarf section and have the ability to upsell or cross sell with ads for hats and gloves.

You simply ad a piece of code (remarketing tag) to the pages of your site that correspond with categories you want to promote. Adding a tag for “ scarf “ on all your pages that feature scarves will later show relevant scarf Ads to everyone who visits those pages.

Audience tab located in your Google Adwords Account.

Create new lists with the “Add Audiences” button:

Generate a tag or a snippet of code to add to your site.

Your audience can be as general as selecting all those who visit your site, or specific to what you want to feature. Based on the earlier example, you may select those people who browse accessories like scarves rather than jackets and go from there. Once your audience lists are populated, you can create relevant ads and bidding based on those audiences you’ve identified with.  Remarketing is a type of tool that can drive ROI for all types of advertisers and in combination with keywords may contribute to higher conversions for all your campaigns.