Facebook reveals major updates at this year’s F8 Conference

Mark Zuckerberg held an annual conference for developers to discuss the new what is going on at Facebook Headquarters. Many changes are already in full swing as newsfeed options and tailored friend’s lists have already been launched.  These changes include the ability to share music and video with your friends. They’ve partnered up with the likes of music sites Spotify, Mog, Deezer and are rumored to have a deal with Hulu, a popular video site. The event was held on September 22nd in San Francisco with Zuckerberg announcing the user engagement and social apps will be the new focus of the social networking site.

Google+ Open for Everyone!

People have been waiting with baited breath for the new social network experiment to be open to everyone.  In a day after it went pubic, Google+ emerged as the world’s third largest social networking site receiving 15 million U.S. visitors. Over the last three months, accessing Google+ was by invitation only. By doing this field-testing period they were able to gain feedback on their products that helped them iron out those issues before the public launch. Google’s social site allows users to share content only with the people they want to through the Circle feature. The addition of games and video chats are other features that have enticed users to create a Google+ profile. Google+ also created a spike in market share of visits to the site by a 1269%, growth from the previous week. It also rose for the 54th most visited site to 8th place in Social Networking Forums.

Google acquires Zagat

Earlier this month the news of Google purchasing Zagat, an internationally respected review empire, as a way for consumers to express their opinions and make informed decisions. Neither company disclosed what the deal was worth but both parties are excited to start this venture together. Local reviews, ratings and insights will be a part of Google Places servicing local businesses.

Making Purchases with your Google Wallet

Making payments online was part of a wave of technology creating a computer savvy consumer but these days your mobile device has now been transformed into an official checkout counter. Google Wallet is an App that allows you to make purchases with our mobile device. It stores virtual versions of all your important payment cards so you’re not emptying your wallet at the counter.  Retailers will require appropriate devices located at the register so all you have to do is swipe your phone and you’re done!

IBM surpasses Microsoft in Market Value

For the first time in 15 years, IBM’s market value has climbed steadily passed its rival Microsoft.  IBM’s market valuation reached $214 billion as Microsoft fell to $213 billion leading IBM to become the second most valuable technology company since 1996. Leading the pack is Apple of course, with $362 billion. Microsoft stock has been slumping in the past 10 years, as it couldn’t keep up with mobile and Internet technologies. During that same period, IBM has risen 45%.

YouTube’s service gets unrequested downtime

YouTube has experienced its first significant service interruption causing downtime for the site. Viewing on the site didn’t seem the issue but sharing links to individual videos was causing some trouble. YouTube has held a clean 100% working record with the last documented interruption in service happening in the middle of May this year. Luckily this only lasted one hour as engineers worked quickly to rectify the problem. Websites that had embedded YouTube videos were taking a longer than usual time to load so the impact of such a disturbance is worldwide.

Amazon introduces Kindle Fire

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos showed off a new tablet entering the market called the Kindle Fire at a recent press conference. Drawing similarities to the BlackBerry Playbook, this 7- inch backlit display tablet will run a version of Android. At only $199, it is sure to get people on board when considering a purchase of all the available tablets out there.  The lower price might be attributed to the lack of camera or microphone and only one power button and no physical inputs. The tablet is to be released on November 15.