Since the public announcement of the new Facebook profile view Timeline was initially introduced at the 2011 F8 conference, Facebook users are consumed with anticipation of when the actual date of full integration of the new feature will be available. Timeline is the new face of how your profile will look as it gathers snippets from your Facebook history, including status updates, photos while you’re also able to customize what you want viewed on your Timeline profile. Here are some creative examples of Timeline Cover Photos:

Clearly, customization of your timeline is a key feature of users out there who want to be distinctive about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Users get to produce a virtual scrapbook that includes the map feature to target where you were born and allows people to track how much you have travelled over the course of your Facebook history. The whole point of Timeline is to get a better idea of who you are today in reference to where your online journey begins. This appears in chronological order with your pictures, status updates, home videos of milestone moments and the interesting places you’ve travelled. The “Way Back” feature allows users to implement content that didn’t formerly exist in the first editions of Facebook. You can go as far back as the time and place you were born and add photos and content to supplement that stage in your Timeline.

With no official launch date as of right now, users can enable the timeline feature on their profile but it not yet fully customizable, as Facebook will just gather a summary of your latest posts and top photos. Rumour has it that Facebook is tied up in some legalities concerning potential lawsuits of Timeline Inc. but have yet to release a formal statement on the actual release. Regardless of when it will be launched, the new profile will let you get a grand scope of the people you connect with everyday and allow you, as the sole operator of what you want to share, highlight the important events in your life.  Engagement and interaction are the by-products that Facebook has instilled into our everyday life and this new feature is just one of many that will continue to set the pace of societal trends through social media.