The purpose of crowdsourcing is to get work traditionally done by one person, to be completed from a crowd of people. The immediate benefits of lower cost, out of the box thinking and sourcing a wide range of talent from a group of people will produce fast, unique and creative results. If you think you haven’t seen examples of videos that were the result of crowdsourcing projects—think again. Pop singers, musicians, and bands do it all the time. They seek out the request from people they know will have no problem obliging and that is their fans. Countless editions of videos have been made where the artist has requested fan participation and snippets are woven into the final video. Regardless of being in a fan video or not, there are many services that have a large resource of talented professionals that provide videos as an integral part of marketing strategies for businesses. Trada, Wooshii and Genius Rocket are the few that we’ll take a better look at.


Trada is the world’s first crowdsourced online advertising marketplace. When businesses partner up with Trada, they’re marketing strategies for paid search are outsourced to a large group of people (certified online ad experts) who are continuously optimizing the clients way to advertise online, thus helping the business owner who doesn’t have the amount of time it takes to properly set up his or her internet marketing strategy.

The video production team at Trada writes, conceptualizes, edits and uses You Tube Promoted videos to spread the word about Trada and the companies they work with.


Wooshi is an online marketplace for video professionals servicing small videos for their websites. They provide an exciting way to promote your business and highlight your products and services while educating your customers through their video production. They’re able to produce flash games, viral videos, and animation and 3D music videos. Simply said, you put in a request for what you need, assign a budget and then wait for the Wooshii community to get back to you. Make your decision by sorting through portfolios of people who have responded to your project to pick the right person for the job. Creative people can also get involved by submitting their artwork and have the opportunity to view new project proposals. With a community of over 4000 animators, video makers, and filmmakers, getting the work to you quickly won’t be a problem.

Genius Rocket

Similar to Wooshii, Genius Rocket is an affordable way to source high-quality TV and Web production. How do they do it? Their creative sources range from Animations teams, video production teams and creative directors.  Unlike some video contest sites who let anyone post a solution to a business need, Genius Rocket creates a private solution where only professional teams of people will pitch concepts to you, the business owner.  You continuously work with the professionals at every stage to ensure your feedback is being implemented into the final product. Since it is a more private platform, you share only what you need to in order to get proposals back to you instead of making your marketing demands public, possibly giving away great ideas.

In a world where deadlines are constantly shifted to get work done faster and more efficiently, the benefit of outsourcing elements of your marketing agenda are second to none. Relying on one person is great if you have a good rapport with them and are satisfied with the work they produce, but consider the possibilities of a what large group of talented creative professionals can do to take your business up to the next level of success.