The Google Penguin update is the latest algorithm change. It is focused on targeting websites that Google suspects are violating quality guidelines.  This primarily includes sites with inbound links pointed to their website from disreputable sources.

When Google tweaks its algorithm, the change makes the “spiders” crawl websites, in a smarter way.  The purpose of these changes is to filter out illegitimate sites and to give favour to websites that have valuable content, high quality links and who have proven to be an authority on their subject matter.  Ultimately, this improves the user experience for Google’s customers; the searchers.

There were reports that many websites lost rankings, perhaps unfairly, but the algorithm was refreshed last week.  Websites with proven usability and usefulness (such as WordPress) are reporting a rise in their rankings.  If the penguin algorithm has left your website trailing competitors in Google, be sure to follow these tips:

How to Avoid a Drop in Rankings

  • Avoid spam-like links on your website.  This can include link exchange programs.
  • Avoid paid links.
  • Avoid duplicate content on your website.
  • Have your site optimized for keywords that visitors will likely search for, to find your product or service.
  • Create fresh and updated content and publish it on your website and through your social media accounts.

Google released its Webmaster Guidelines years ago and its rules still hold true.  Create and continue to build a high quality website, that provides a valuable user experience, and you will be ranked high and continue to drive traffic to your business.