Google updated its Hot Searches feature (formally Hot Trends) on June 12th with more images, placing group related rising search terms together and allows searchers to see more information about those searches.

Hot Searches is similar to Twitter’s “Trending Topics” in the sense that it shows searchers what others are reading about, searching for and what the world is interested in, as a collective.  This is a great way to be “in-the-now” on the latest news items that interest you most.

Google Hot Search June 12 2012

Features of the Hot Searches Update Include:

  • Rich images
  • Links to related news articles
  • The ability to glance at the list and understand why these topics are trending and click to find out more.
  • The previous version of Hot Searches provided 20 daily results. The new update introduces a filtering system that guarantees the hottest news stories of the day.
  • When rising search terms refer to the same news story, they’re now aggregated into one entry, which lists all the “Related searches” that go along with the main story.
  • The new update provides an indication of how many searches have been conducted for each topic in the 24 hour period when it was trending.

Any Hot Search result can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ making the hottest news items known to friends, family and colleagues.  These changes continue to grow the importance of social media and social sharing, allowing searchers to influence the prominence of search results, and spread the word quickly across the globe.