This past year has yielded a number of new changes to Google’s web-based products and services such as the homepage change from last June, dynamic display, video and mobile ads and measurement tool makeovers.

The latest update includes a fresh look for Google AdWords.  These changes coincide with the other design tweaks that are providing searchers with a more effortless Internet experience and assisting with getting faster results in the search engine.

The most recent Google AdWords refresh, which was announced on June 6, 2012, aims to get the interface out of the way, so that data stands out. Google has integrated the latest client side technologies to make the interface more visually appealing and scalable.

The changes are also designed with simplicity in mind to make campaign creation easier. One example is the introduction of campaign types, which will determine the campaign settings that you see. Below we have also provided examples of the Old layout followed by the new layout:

Old AdWords Layout

New AdWords Layout

With the new campaign types the AdWords user can create a search network campaign. The options include the selection of “Standard”, “All Features” and “Product Listing Ads.” Standard means that text ads show on search results. All Features includes all features and options for the search network and Product Listing Ads are customized for using this type of AdWords extension.

The actual interface design sports faded colors (grays and greens) and a lighter background, resulting in a smoother and more professional overall impression.

Google’s primary goal is to improve focus to achieve fast search results, provide a seamless transition between PCs, laptops, tablets etc and make it as effortless as possible.  We can’t wait to see what they will come up with next!