Mobile websites are becoming a necessity. Flurry compared its mobile data to stats from comScore and Alexa. In June, consumers spent 81 minutes per day using mobile apps, compared to 74 minutes on the web from a desktop. These statistics reinforce what web experts have been predicting, and that’s the need for a mobile website to stay on top of the trends and competition.

What makes a Mobile Website Different from a Desktop?

Mobile Websites are simple, and functional.  They are not filled with graphics or pictures.  Their purpose is to get customers to the information, products and shopping cart quickly and without any delay.

Here are Three Tips to Make the Most of your Mobile Website

1. Review Successful Mobile Sites

Online banking, eBay and Weather Apps are the perfect example of mobile sites that are easy to use and as simplified as possible.  Simplicity really is the key.  The faster the site works, and the sooner customers find what they are looking for, the more successful the mobile site is going to be for the business.

2. Design for Multiple Handsets

If you are hiring a mobile website designer make it a requirement that the mobile site will work on a number of devices including phones and tablets.  There are many different devices in use, and not everyone will have the latest operating system downloaded. With the number of smartphones and tablets on the rise, it is extremely important to make sure your website is fully functional and easy-to-use through any mobile platform.

3. Trial, Error and Feedback

Listen to your positive and negative feedback.  Hire a web consultant to test traffic, review how long customers are spending on the mobile site and if they are finding your site through search engines, how can you improve your listings through Mobile SEO. Constant changes and tweaks will produce the best result for your business’s mobile site.

Keeping it simple, making the mobile site usable across all devices and constantly testing and revising will achieve a profitable tool to compliment your business.