LinkedIn has proven itself to be a powerful tool for business networking, job hunting and staying in touch with former colleagues.  However, your business can use SEO strategies to optimize your LinkedIn account and to drive more traffic to your website.  Here’s how:

URL Customization to Include Keywords and/or Branding

The default LinkedIn profile URL can be customized via your profile editor to include your website, keywords and any other description that is relevant to your business.  Not only will this optimize your LinkedIn profile but it looks much more professional.

Complete you Profile

There are many components to LinkedIn’s profile and business owners should fill out as much as possible.  Also include a high quality image. Not only does this polish the entire profile and look professional but it provides a vast amount of information and answers for potential customers and employees.

Join Relevant Groups

There are many groups on LinkedIn.  This assists with networking outside of your connections and makes your business more visible on a local and global scale.  It also gives your website a better chance of appearing in Google search results.

It is also advisable to create a group, especially if your niche, products and services slightly differ from the competition.  This will help to establish credibility and will attract interested customers and applicants that are looking for your exact product or service.

LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site after Facebook and Twitter and it can be optimized for SEO for increased visibility and credibility in the online marketplace.