Pinterest allows users to share and organize interesting pictures and content on the web.  Many companies are wondering how they can use Pinterest to their full advantage, to increase brand awareness, and promote their products and services.  Below we have gathered 5 easy tips to receive the full benefit of marketing on Pinterest:

1. Include a Follow Me on Pinterest Button on Quality Content Posted Online.

You can “Pin” blog posts, audio files, product releases and pictures. Make sure to connect Pinterest to other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to make sure you get the full exposure of your brand online through Pinterest.

2. Add a Follow Me on Pinterest button to your website.

Include links to your Pinterest account on your website. This will show that you are active on Pinterest, and customers can connect with your brand, and re-pin your content to their followers. To find out how to add these buttons on your website, go to

3. Pin Useful Content; not Sales Pitches

Pinterest users will not re-pin blatant advertisements. They want to see unique products, eye-catching pictures and useful information. “How to” information will garner a lot of attention on Pinterest, so if your company has information that can be used to help the end user, by all means this should be incorporated with your Pinterest account.

4. Post Engaging Pictures

Pinterest is a very visual site, and content that is pinned uses the image as the primary focal point. Pages and posts should have relevant and engaging images that are appropriate for pinning.  One of the latest trends is infographics. Many businesses are designing unique flow charts and visual presentations that can fit in one graphic and shared.

5. Share Helpful and Informative Videos

Pinterest users will follow and re-pin videos if the content is providing useful information. As previously mentioned, “How to” videos are a great example of quality video content, and it helps to inform potential customers about your brand.

Bonus: Finally, make sure that links work and the content goes with the image that you are re-pinning. It can be frustrating for users to re-pin something and find that the image does not direct to the correct site or content.

Some brands that are doing exceptionally well on Pinterest include: Nordstrom, The Perfect Palette, Etsy, HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens.