In a continued effort to make managing a website easier for webmasters, Google has added search query alerts to their tools.  This feature tracks impressions and clicks for top web pages.  This type of data tends to follow patterns on the average site. When changes occur, this allows the webmaster to investigate why these changes have taken place, through data-driven evidence.

Changes can be caused by a varying number of factors from recently added content, which causes a spike in traffic, to technical issues that have caused drops in rankings. For example, if a website usually attracts a healthy number of visitors a day, and then receives none, this problem likely needs to be investigated so that any issues can be resolved immediately.

The new search queries alert message looks like this:

Why is the Queries Feature so Important for Webmasters?

In addition to not having to check webmaster tools on a daily basis for updates, this feature assists businesses managing their own website, and professional webmasters in a range of key ways:

  • It allows webmasters to spot problems with the site immediately.
  • It makes troubleshooting easier.
  • It’s a window in to the success or challenges of the website.
  • Google sends the alerts that they detect will be of interest to each particular site/webmaster.  This saves valuable time when managing a site.

This recent addition can reduce time managing websites and provide insight in to the source of an issue, making the success of any site easier to achieve.