The new shared budget option is making it easier for Google AdWords customers to manage their marketing campaigns and budgets. The new setting allows users to set a daily maximum budget across multiple campaign initiatives.  This results in dispersing campaign budgets more effectively, providing flexibility when one campaign out-performs another.

The Benefits of Google AdWords Shared Budgets Include:

  • Easier to manage campaigns
  • Less time monitoring and making changes
  • Easier to match spending with how a business distributes its marketing budget
  • Easier to spend every penny that marketers intend to spend

This is a small change but it makes a significant overall difference to the way that pay-per-click ads are managed.  The way it works is simple; Shared Budget takes the daily maximum budget and splits it across campaigns, as required. A marketer with three different PPC campaigns would have to determine how much of their budget to assign to each campaign.  In the past, when one campaign performed better, and there was budget left over, it would be a missed opportunity to invest in the better-performing campaign. With this change, as long as the campaign doesn’t go over the daily maximum, Google AdWords will distribute the marketer’s budget to the campaign that needs it most.

This new setting can be found under the campaign tab, in the shared library link, under budgets.  Just click +New Budget, name it and select the campaigns that it will be assigned to.  Set the budget and the new Shared Budgets option is ready to assist your business with making the most of its marketing dollars.