HootSuite, one of the most popular media dashboards, has just launched their real-time chat. This new feature has been integrated into the dashboard of their platform.  HootSuite “Conversation” consolidates communication, and encourages discussion between employees who converse between both email, and the HootSuite dashboard. This new feature allows anyone with an email address to start a real-time conversation on the HootSuite dashboard, without having to go back and forth between email and social accounts.

Social media managers can especially benefit with an increased response time to social comments, and streamlined communication between co-workers, making collaboration and sharing information easier than ever before.

Benefits of Businesses Using Live Chat Include:

  • Team leaders can pre-approve messages within groups. This promotes discussion and encourages members to share information on their own social networks.
  • Research and development teams can collaborate and share findings.
  • Existing tweets and updates can be pushed into a group conversation instantaneously.
  • Avoids confusing email threads.
  • Sales teams can discuss strategy.
  • Marketing and PR teams can collaborate around promotional content and advertising campaigns.
  • Customer support teams can easily discuss IT topics and answer frequently asked questions.
  • There is no limit to the number of team members, clients (or any external users) can be invited to join a real-time discussion.
  • Users can share information with executives, co-workers, interns and clients.

To start a private conversation, simply click on the speech bubble icon (located in the top right corner of the dashboard) and invite guests, or import Gmail contacts.