LinkedIn, the professional social network with over 175 million users has just launched their video advertising option for brands.  This exciting feature operates on a self-serve basis, allowing companies to control all aspects of their video advertisement campaign including: the cost, pay-per-view/click and the ability to stop running their ads.

How do the LinkedIn Video Ads Work?

The 300 x 250 ad units will play a 30 second clip when clicked on by a user.  With the video ads, businesses have the option to upload brand new videos or use clips that are already up and running on YouTube.  This is ideal for videos that have succeeded on YouTube, and would likely continue to rise in popularity through LinkedIn, as an alternative social outlet.

Who Can Benefit from the LinkedIn Video Ads?

The ads benefit any small to large scale business that has a product or service that can be advertised more effectively through verbal engagement, “how-to” style videos and charisma.  After the video has been viewed the potential customer can click the ad to visit the site.

Any business can find a way to make these ads work for their specific product or service.  With more ads, websites and businesses operating online, it could almost be considered mandatory to step outside of the box, think creatively and find new and interesting ways to engage the target audience.

We are excited to see the public’s reaction to the LinkedIn video ads. Only time and usage will tell if this is an effective advertising investment for businesses that are looking for new ways to gain brand awareness.