Finding the ideal keywords for your product or service is a combination of choosing words that customers will search for, and balancing them against the highly competitive keywords that your competition is trying to be found for.  The ideal situation is finding keywords that customers are searching for; that your competitors have not yet discovered. What’s best about keyword research is that it can be achieved through easy to use tools available online.

Examples of Different Keyword Research Tools

SEO Book

SEO Book is a multi-disciplinary resource for anyone who is trying to make sense of SEO.  Their SEO training program includes: videos, a private member forum and tools, such as a keyword research center.  There are plenty of free tips and valuable insight that can assist anyone’s marketing campaign from a business owner, new to the online marketplace, to SEO veterans looking to reinvigorate their strategy.

Google Insights

Google Insights or Google Trends is a search engine that displays trend statistics.  This is presented in a line graph and it shows the exact number of searches for the particular keyword or phrase of interest.  They also feature trending searches, which usually gravitate towards sports, politics and headline news.


For $79/month SpyFu claims to sell your competitor’s most profitable keywords.  This site allows you to search a domain and see every place in Google that the website has appeared in organic and PPC listings for the past 6 years.

Keyword Suggest

This is a simple and helpful keyword research tool that offers a list of popular words and phrases that are currently being used in search engines.  This tool is ideal for inspiring keywords that you may not have thought of to describe your business and service.

There are many different keyword research tools that help business owners to assess their options.  Keyword research is not only essential for a strong SEO campaign but it will prevent a wasted effort, save advertising costs and drive more targeted traffic to your website.

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