Google+ Local combines customer search and local listings. Approximately 20% of the searches being made today are to find local businesses/services, and 40% of those searches are being performed on a mobile device. Optimizing Google+ Local covers advertising effectively and affordably in one platform and provides customers with access to a business whether they are on their laptop, tablet or phone.

Small to mid-sized businesses receive a number of advantages over other social networks when they use Google+ Local to attract new customers:

Top 5 Benefits of Optimizing Google+ Local Pages

  1. Google+ Local shows high in search engines when customers search with local intent. This results in higher rankings than the competition.
  2. Searches can be performed in Google+ Local. This means that small to mid-sized businesses will only be competing with other businesses that have their Google+ Local set up, and do not have to compete with organic, PPC and other forms of online advertisements.
  3. Using “AuthorRank,” providing a complete profile, writing and sharing great content will not only optimize your listing for performance but it will show customers that you are genuine and know your industry, products and services better than the competition.
  4. Customers can rate your business without having to write a review. This is convenient for customers, assists with achieving a more completed listing, and results in a higher ranked position in Google+ Local.
  5. Google+ is given precedence in the search engines. Any business that uses this platform is almost guaranteed an edge over their competitors.

Even after setting up a Google+ Local page it’s important to continue to get people to share with you, link to your profile and network with the industry. Google+ is a social platform and the more value that a business adds to the network; the more relevant the search engines will determine the business to be.