In 2012 the most popular search engine Google accumulated 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages.  This data helps the world understand what matters most to the general public, what everyone is talking about and it can even help businesses realize where to invest their marketing dollars in 2013.

The Google Zeitgeist 2012 offers a variety of data from 2012 including:

  • Top Searches Worldwide

This year top searches included the likes of: Whitney Houston, iPad 3, Gangnam Style, Olympics 2012 and Kate Middleton.  These searches can show that searchers are interested in current events, technology, gaming, spots and celebrities.

  • Top Searches in US & Canada

In Canada, the social sharing platform, Pinterest is at the top of the charts. Hurricane Sandy and the popular fictional series and movie, the Hunger Games follow soon after.  Canada also shares world trends with the gone viral Korean pop song, Gangnam Style and the Olympics.

The United States were following the US Election closely this year, in addition to Hurricane Sandy, Amanda Todd and Whitney Houston.  The United States is interested in people, events and politics.

  • Google+ Hashtags

With the rising popularity of Google+ it is interesting to discover what hashtags have been trending in 2012.  Some of these include: #curiosity, #SOPA, #awesome, #debate and #BlastFromThePast

Google has studied the aggregation of over a trillion search queries this year, which has been collected from multiple sources such as Google Trends and their own internal data tools.  The team at Google filtered out spam and repeat searches to provide accurate insight into what is important to the world, and what issues, people and technologies are growing in popularity.

The 2012 Zeitgeist offers searchers the opportunity to see their personal search trends; view a video and view popular search queries for 2012 in their city of choice.