Can you imagine how much information, recommendations and pictures that users add to Facebook every day?  With the new Facebook Graph, users can search specific and geographic topics to connect better with new or existing friends online.  Example: Friends who joined Goodlife Gym in Toronto.  You can discover people right in your neighbourhood with the same New Year resolutions.  Pretty cool, huh?

What is the Facebook Graph Search?

Not meant to compete with current search engines, graph search is made for forming new connections.  This could include friends that like the same activities, movies and sports.  You can even search for someone you met and liked at a party by searching for, “Sarah who is friends with Rachel and went to Ryerson University.

How does it work?

After using the new search bar, a set of drop lists are constantly present, to assist with organizing and refining searches.  You can search for a restaurant liked by your friends in Toronto, your single friends in Toronto or friends that visited Toronto.  The opportunities are endless.

SEO Tips

  • The most important tip is to have a Facebook page for your business and get your friends to like it!
  • Fill in all of your business’s profile information.
  • Focus on attracting the right fans to your page that is included in your target market.

Relation to Google Search and other search engines

Google will pull up web pages and specific answers to queries.  Facebook Graph Search finds connections through likes and posts, making the results specific to people that you know or will interest you, making this search multi-dimensional. Searches can be refined by geographic location, gender, sexual orientation, marital status etc.  Eventually people may use this search tool to find doctors, lawyers and accountants that are recommended by their friends.

Facebook Graph is currently in Beta. There is a waiting list that any user can be added to. Try out the new search tool, even if it is just to see all of the Facebook photos that you have ever, “liked.”