The much anticipated BlackBerry 10 will be launched today on January, 30 2013. The new devices have been under development for three years and RIM fans are looking forward to finally seeing what the new specs, operating system and devices offer to the enterprise’s loyal base of customers.

RIM (Research in Motion) is the brain behind BlackBerry, which is known for its QWERTY keyboard and push notifications. In recent years, after the release of iPods and Androids many people have speculated that the end of RIM’s empire is drawing to a close.

Risks involved with new launch – will it save the company or will this be the end?

If BlackBerry 10 is a success, RIM will hold the spot as the second biggest cellular comeback in known history. The first would be Steve Job’s re-introduction of the Apple brand, if that gives any indication of the potential for success with these new devices.

The new phones have Microsoft and Windows 8 on the edge of their seat because despite the growing popularity of the Window’s Smartphone, BlackBerry has the advantage of many more subscribers.

Some Specs and Expectations from the OS and the New Devices

BlackBerry 10 is a full touch Smartphone, while the Z10 (release date unannounced) resembling the iPhone 5 in appearance with Siri-like voice control functionality.

Customers hope to find a phone that can be used more easily for fun, rather than the enterprise driven device that BlackBerry was known for in the early 2000’s.

Some other expectations include:

  • Lots of Carrier Support
  • An App Platform that can keep up with the competition
  • Full Keyboard and Full Touch Screen
  • Playbook Integration and Updates

Past attempts to be innovative in this incredibly fast-paced market fell short for RIM but the company and its customers are anticipating the release of these products, and hope to see one of the greatest comebacks in cellular history.