Enacting proactive customer engagement strategies through social media can allow organizations to gain direct insights on the conversations taking place surrounding their products and services. However, even though the majority of today’s businesses are active within the social arena, many are still trying to find methods to measure their social strategy’s ROI. Within this post, we’ll focus on the most important metrics to analyze within Facebook and Twitter and how business leaders can use those metrics to optimize their social strategy going forward.

  • Social Page Views

Similar to internal page views on a company website, social page views on Twitter pages and Facebook company pages are exceptionally valuable. Businesses are now starting to realize that social page views are a vital metric for measuring the success of their online branding campaigns. The more site views a company can receive, the more brand recognition they achieve.

  • Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is the number achieved by counting the number of likes and comments and dividing by the total number of fans. Businesses must analyze their engagement rate to see which type of post is creating a positive reaction and improving engagement. On Facebook, having a high engagement rate will help businesses build their EdgeRank, which is the Facebook algorithm designed to personalize newsfeeds and provide the user with relevant posts. This means that, by optimizing their engagement rate, companies can expand their reach exponentially.

  • Twitter Impression Reach

A company’s Twitter impression reach is the combined total of individual tweets being streamed into feeds based on all their original tweets and retweets. By utilizing the Twitter API, companies can see who is retweeting their posts and the reach of those posts. This allows business leaders to identify the key influencers behind their company’s social performance so that future content can be designed to attract the attention of those key influencers.

Careful Data Selection the Key to Optimized Social Campaigns

Distinguishing the important metrics from the mountains of erroneous data available will allow businesses to move their social strategy into high gear. And companies that are proactive on social can not only improve their brand recognition levels but also shape the conversations taking place within their industry.