Organic search is an area that holds great promise for any growing business. While professionals with little experience in the area of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may wish to spend some time learning about the field and improving their site based on their search, there is little expense involved in optimizing sites for great organic search returns. Within this post, we’ll examine organic search a little closer and review some of the key site elements that will help boost organic search returns.

Site Elements that Drive Organic Search Success

For site owners, it’s important to know that rich media such as video content and high quality images will garner greater search results. In addition, Google’s search algorithm is designed to respond to specific types of search query with specific styles of media.

Users who type questions into the search engine will generally be better satisfied by an explanatory video. Whereas those typing a phrase or subject matter-style query will generally require articles or images. Site owners can use this information to optimize the response they receive from search.

Rich Snippets – A Site Owner’s Tool to Grab Listings Attention

The use of rich snippets can help a company standout from its competitors within organic search listings. This is where a site owner can make use of meta tags to list their company name within their title tag to repeat their brand name within the listings.

Growing organizations must also insert a call to action within rich snippets in order to drive brand attention and alert searchers to the benefits of clicking on their link. Using words such as “See” and “Discover” can add a sense of mystery and urgency to the search that can improve search responses immensely.

Build Brand Affiliations to Achieve Long-term Site Engagement

Oftentimes it is the activities a site owner conducts off their site that can have the most beneficial effect on their site’s performance. Business owners that use social media, networking sites and popular industry message boards can inspire clicks to their site through communicating with outside users.

An example of this style of community engagement is when business owners write expert blog posts for a popular industry site. Simply giving users valuable information and communicating with them directly and with purpose can drive site visitor numbers.

Mastering Organic search ensures Long-Term SEO Results

There are few areas with so little cost and so much potential benefits as organic search. Harnessing this powerful marketing tool will ensure that sites achieve high visitor numbers in the long-term. Those site owners that research search technology and optimize marketing campaign strategies based on the way site visitors conduct their searches will be rewarded.