The technology behind search engines is advancing at a rapid rate. Small businesses must expand their knowledge of the latest search methodologies if they are to maintain a popular online presence in the long-term. And so within this blog we’ll look at how enterprises can keep the local focus upon their business.

Following the Recognized Path to Local Search Success

There are a specific series of steps that enterprise owners can take to ensure their site ranks highly within local searches. The first step is to integrate keywords within their sites to trigger a local research result in Google. For example, plumbers in Toronto should use keywords such as “Plumbing services Toronto” to reel in local area clientele.

Business location is an important factor. Google’s search algorithm is designed to give preference to businesses located to the downtown area of cities. Local businesses should ensure that they are mapped as close to the downtown area as possible to ensure they aren’t left off of the front page. The next step is to check out the competition.

Owner should find the name, address and phone number (NAP) of the lowest ranked company in the top 7 listings of the local search. Then copy and paste the NAP of the company into a Google Search. They can then repeat the process for their organization. This will give them an idea of how close they are to being included into the “7-pack” of top local search results. To overcome a significant difference in the number results, business owners must ensure their company is listed in Google Places, Yelp as well as directories within their local city and business niche.  These are known as “citations” and are a key element within a successful local SEO strategy.

Citations act as crucial difference-makers within industries such as plumbing and home renovation as many such service providers will not have their own website. Without access to site information, citations help searchers confirm that businesses are precisely who they purport to be. The goal is to get the company’s name in as many professional directories as possible online while placing links throughout relevant communities. Owners must ensure that their business data is consistent in all search directories as any errors can result in diminished local SEO rankings.

Local Search Optimization the Key to Rapid Small Business Growth Online

Enacting an efficient local search strategy enables companies to capitalize on the latest updates in the Google search algorithms. Companies can now connect with a new market of potential clients within their local community simply by following the industry’s best-practices for local SEO ranking success.