Increasingly, marketers are using Pinterest to engage their online audiences. But measuring the success of campaigns has been difficult without access to precise engagement data. Thanks to the addition of Pinterest Web Analytics, proactive marketers now have a great array of metrics at their disposal.

Pinterest Web Analytics are a relatively new addition to the popular social media site, which in just three years has become one of the largest social media networks alongside Facebook, Google + and YouTube. In this post, we’ll examine the three metrics that marketers must analyze to hone their Pinterest Campaigns:

Number of Pins from Website

The number of pins created using the business’s website content informs marketing professionals how many people are pinning their content on a daily basis. For those who are not getting many pins to their business site, the addition of visual content may be required. Content such as professionally designed headers and interesting infographics tend to be popular within the Pinterest community.


The Visitors metric details how many visitors clicked through the company’s website from Pinterest. This critical metric allows companies to determine the overall success of their Pinterest presence. It is more valuable than the Page Views metric, because it provides marketing teams with a basic understanding of the true reach of their campaign.

Most Repinned Content

The value of the Most Re-pinned Content metric is that it provides marketing teams with an idea as to which type of content their audience is most likely to share with friends and family. The sharing of media is a key goal within social media marketing campaigns and the Most Repinned metric will allow teams to devise strategies based on their most successful previously used content.

The Value of Pinterest Continues to Grow….

Companies across the globe are now placing an increased importance on the Pinterest community through their marketing campaigns. By analyzing the Pinterest audience’s decision-making process, companies can optimize their visual content for greater success as they build campaigns using this increasingly instrumental tool.