There was good news recently for small business owners who require more information on the firm’s campaigns on Twitter. The micro-blogging community recently made available several free analytics tools that will help business users track the amount activity on their Twitter account. These new analytics have been divided by Twitter into two distinct categories: Timeline Activity and Followers.  Within this blog, we’ll take a look at what each of these data points means for your small business and how you can optimize your tweets to improve your company’s reach based on the data revealed.

  • Timeline Activity

The Timeline Activity within Twitter’s analytics provides detailed visualizations of all follows, mentions and un-follows. These activities are further divided into six-hour increments to provide users with a full birds-eye view of how users have interacted with their account. Within Timeline Activity, Twitter users can also see which of their tweets earned the most Favourites, Re-tweets and Replies.

By seeing which content Twitter users are re-tweeting to their followers, business owners can adapt their use of Twitter based on their most popular tweets.

  • Followers

Under “Followers” Twitter analytics shows users the number of followers they’re receiving or losing over time.  This information allows Twitter users to go back through their account dashboard and see which subjects are helping them to gain more engagement and which tweets are losing the focus of their audience.

Another interesting feature of the followers section of the Twitter analytics is that it breaks down followers by interests, location and gender. This information could be utilized to further enhance marketing campaigns by gaining an understanding as to how specific demographics respond to Tweets. And because the data also includes the percentage of followers interested in a specific subject, users can further tailor their tweets to fit with that subject, therefore achieving a stronger response from followers.

The Analytics are Only Effective for Proactive Marketers

It’s imperative that these new metrics be used for proactively making changes to Twitter campaigns. Local companies can now use the inherent strength in their Twitter networks to guide online marketing success.  If companies can listen more closely to their Twitter users, these new metrics could form the background to an optimization process that defines the successful future of their marketing campaigns.