While great content is still the foundation to a strong web presence. It takes more than simply offering great content to build a highly effective, high-traffic website. Another key element in building site visitor rates is link-building. And companies are now finding that they can capitalize on the strength in their content to enhance the number of links to their site. The key tool for this strategy is guest blogging. And within this blog, we’ll discuss the methods to optimize a guest blogging strategy:

1) Finding the Opportunity

The pitch to webmasters is a business owner’s means to becoming a trusted guest poster. The key element of the pitch to webmasters is establishing your credibility as a business owner. Tell the webmaster about your company’s accomplishments and the ethos that drives your firm forward.

Then, after establishing a reputation, explain to the webmaster what they site does well. Finally, ask them about a topic they’ve been meaning to write about but haven’t had the time. Then offer to write that post explaining your various expert subject areas. This style of pitch is sure to capture the attention of any forward-thinking professional webmaster.

2) The Post

There are two incredibly important facets to any successful guest post – the title and the image utilized alongside the post. These two factors will help determine the number of views a guest post receives. After adding compelling title and image, the content will determine whether you’re invited back for a returning guest blogging spot.

Remember that the size of the post is imperative. Industry statistics show that if a post is more than 1,500 words in length it will, on average, receive 68.1% more Tweets and 22.6% more Facebook Likes. Another key point to remember is that lists always draw the attention. List-based content is easier to read and it provides a seamless flow to information that might otherwise seem too complex to read.

Be Their Guest to Add Value and Drive Links to Your Site

Guest blogging continues to be leading choice for marketers looking for elusive ROI for their time and content writing efforts. Keep in mind the keys to communicating with both webmasters and their audience members and you’ll soon discover guest blogging’s inherent benefits for your own business site.