Data now shows that a strong social media presence can influence search engine rankings. This means that growing businesses must optimize their social media campaigns in order to reap the benefits that increased search engine exposure brings. However, today’s small business owner has many internal tasks to attend to while ensuring the continuing success of their growing company. This brings us to today’s topic: social media automation. Within this blog, we’ll detail the areas of social media that are suitable for automation and those that require a little more customization to ensure lasting online engagement with today’s audiences.

1) Automate  Sending of Blog Posts to Social Media Feeds

Companies with their own online content must utilize automation tools to quickly send out posted content to each of their social media feeds. When a blog has been written about a current industry topic, it must be immediately posted to social media for comments and reactions from the engaged social audience.

There are numerous tools available to achieve automation. Hootsuite and Buffer are two of the leading tools on the market in 2013. Both are incredibly easy for the novice tech user to work with.

2) Manually Create Social Media Posts for Human Interactions

When a company is responding to another user on social media, whether it’s to say thank you for a comment or to add their twist on another user’s social media post, they must manually carry out these processes. This helps companies to achieve that personalized touch online that can help forward the social media conversation around their brand. There’s no substitute for a genuine reaction to audience communication and so companies must be wary about automating processes that should be carried out on a more personal level.

Automation can help companies build their social media presence and drive traffic toward their brand. But only by picking and choosing their automated content carefully can companies build a strong, long-lasting conversation-based relationship with today’s social audience.