The race for dominance in the search engine market is gathering pace in 2013, as two companies are in direct competition with one another for a place among the elite. Monthly analysis from ComScore showed that June 2013 marked a pivotal month for Bing, as Yahoo loses ground in the battle to challenge Google as the search market leader.

ComScore’s analysis showed that Bing’s share of the search engine market was up to 17.9% in June, which represents a 0.5% increase on the company’s share of the market in May. The connection between Bing and Yahoo’s performance was made clear by the fact that Yahoo lost precisely 0.5% of their market share in the same duration of time. Yahoo’s share of the market hit a new low in June 2013 of 11.4%, down from 13% in June 2012.

The leader of the market in terms of market share is no surprise. Google remains top of the pile with a 66.7% market share based on June 2013 figures. This number was down slightly on the 66.8% the company achieved in June 2012, but hardly enough to represent any significant downward momentum.  These figures show that the US market for search continues to be dominated by Google.

However, for those considering whether to optimize campaigns for Bing or Yahoo, the increasing number of users in the US searching through Bing is certainly a factor to take into consideration.  The competition for rankings on Google can make it difficult for smaller firms to gain ground. But with fewer local firms focusing their SEO attention on Bing rankings, the opportunity available through the Microsoft-backed engine could be highly lucrative as the company gains market ground.