Most website owners understand the importance of strong content. That’s why they spend hours of time researching a topic and analyzing key subject data while creating their pieces. Those that take this time to create articles, newsletters and blog posts for other organizations can re-capitalize on that content by repurposing it for use on their site. Within this blog, we’ll focus on three content repurposing techniques that can help companies gain the most return value from content they create:

1)      Create a Summary of the Outside Content

When an article has been published on another site or another site has interviewed a business owner about their work, that business owner can then summarize the event on their site. The creation of a summary for the content enables the content creator to give site visitors a snippet of information about their content while driving new traffic to site where the content was originally created. This style of content creation also allows the site owner to update readers on the latest information about their organization.

2)      Utilize the Rel=Canonical Tag

The rel-canonical tag is often used by organizations that own multiple sites for which there is a cross market appeal. The content creator simply has to insert the rel=canonical tag in the header of the page that links to the original source of the content. This allows the content creator to control which of their pages Google displays within their search results and therefore, which is ranked higher. This then gives the creator the opportunity to drive traffic to the site while harnessing their previously used content.

3)      Creating a 301 Redirect

While this solution does drive users away from the content creator’s site back to the original source, the 301 redirect can be a great way to ensure a new set of site visitors sees the content. In addition, this type of redirect can help provide the content creator with improved credibility by showing that their content has been used by another organization.

Make Your Content Work Harder for Your Business

All business owners need to maximize the time spent working in front of their computer. By adopting these three previously outlined methods, site owners can ensure that their content achieves longevity while improving their visitor numbers and brand reputation.